Thursday, 19 July 2012

Young N Reckless

Location: concord, ca, usa
Biography: Young N Reckless releases their latest single “Put Her On The Team” from the upcoming CD “Imagine That”.

Originally from North Carolina and New Jersey, Cacalacky and Jirz met up in Texas 10 years ago during which time their passion for music grew to shape their lives and become the artist they are today. Together they have worked hard to develop and create music that will leave a permanent mark on the music industry.

Young N Reckless is proud to announce the release of their single “Put Her On The Team” off of their debut “Imagine That” which is set for release September 18th, 2012. The theme of this song is straightforward; if you see someone you like, doing something you want, PUT HER ON THE TEAM. It is a catchy title, which lends itself well to the sound of this song. It is a mellow, smooth song with great vocals and great rhythm. This single is a conversation in song, with precision and perfect timing creating a beautiful effect. Young N Reckless really knows their business when it comes to great rhymes and great melodies. This single was chosen to represent the album, because they felt people needed to know they can make great records. “Our approach to music is to execute a record to what we feel is its highest potential. That being said we work on accomplishing that one song at a time. Due to the feel as well as the response from “Put Her On The Team it made sense to have it as the lead single.”

Young N Reckless is a very versatile duo. Their music encompasses R&B, Rap and Hip Hop creating variety in sound that's winning over audiences from different genres. Their harmonies and melodies are packed with catchy verses on hot beats that sets the bar high at a level that is hard to reach. Each song that they create carries its own weight.

Young N Reckless has performed with G-Unit and other artists. They are also working on a tour next summer into the fall. Until then they will continue to make great music and stay focused on completing their album.

You can listen to and/or purchase their songs by logging onto any of the following websites: (Search: Young N Reckless)

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